Could The Democrats Actually Take The White House In 2020?

So.  I had no idea with my first.... what do you call these?  Articles?  Posts?  Anyway, I had no idea if anyone would read it.  There are a lot of people out here on the web with alot to say, so a guy like me just spouting his thoughts might just be pretty inconsequential in the overall scheme of things.

But to my surprise. my first episode was viewed by more than a thousand people.  A few even decided to follow me and put the little heart like deals on it.

So apparently at least a few people were interested in what I have to say.  which, as I sat down to try this again, begged the question:  Do I have anything else constructive to say at the moment?

So, on the off chance that anyone is here to listen this time around, I will start with a question.  Is it an actual possibility that the Democrats could take the White House this year?

Now first, a bit of a warning.  I'm going to say some things that may upset some folks here.  I don't want to hear any hollering, though.  The simple fact is that I support our President completely.  I believe that he has done a remarkable job.  Our economy is thriving.  People are working.  As a whole we have more money.

However, I do not follow blindly.  There have been moments that I disagreed with some of his decisions.  I see the president for exactly what he is.  A shrewd businessman.  The Dems will go on and on about his failures.  I simply point out that in spite of those failures, the man has stayed on top.  It's one thing to reach the top.  It's another entirely to get there... and fall.  And get right back to the top.  Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is a winner.  He is also the consummate salesman.  Is he an ethical man?  He is not.  But we no longer live in an ethical world.  That all went out the window when Bill Clinton was getting Lewinsky'd in the oval office.  But as a president, he has accomplished far more than most believed he ever would.  But there are times I wish he would choose a different path.  One of these is that he spends far too much time extolling our 2016 victory.  He doesn't seem to realize that he is in a fight in 2020.  And he isn't preparing his followers enough for it.  A victory is not guaranteed.  We saw that in 2018.  But this isn't just his job;  it's ours as well.

So with all that being said,  we return to the question at hand.  Could the Democrats take the White House?  Or, equally as important, could they take the Senate?  It's a reach, but the truth is that they could.  Here's the part that some will be angered by.  We did not win the popular election in 2016.  3 states need to be looked at; Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  Those 3 states were won by a total of just over 100,000 votes.  That sounds like a big number, but it is not.  Had Hillary won those 3 states, we would right now be mired in a Clinton Purgatory.  It's that close.

So what's to say the margins won't be the same this time around?  They could be.  We need them to at least be.  But there are things happening that we need to be aware of.

When Obama won the first time, Democratic voters were energised, egged on by the liberal media and a base liberal hatred of George W. Bush.  People worked together in crucial areas to mobilise voters.  The Obama campaign sent buses into low income minority neighborhoods to bring people who normally would not have voted.  They ran the exact type of campaign they needed to to win.

The impeachment, fueled by the biased liberal media, has the democrats mobilising again.  They have painted a false narrative of Trump as a monster that must, at all cost, be defeated.  And they will bring out voters with this fairy tale.

Another major issue is youth.  It may sound morbid, but hundreds of thousands of elderly people have passed away since 2016.  And on the other end of the spectrum, hundreds of thousands of young people have come of voting age.  Why do these two facts matter?  Because statistically speaking, people over the age of 65 tend to vote heavily republican, while the voters age 18-22, or the kids who have come of age since 2016 vote heavily democratic.  In short, many Republican voters have passed away, and many Democratic voters have come of age.  In a year where these crucial swing states will most likely be as close as they were in 2016, this in itself could tip the scales.  There are many reasons for this, the predominant one being that kids today are digital animals.  They spend far more time online than their elders, and the online media space is, unfortunately, highly left leaning.

Trump's electoral numbers in 2016 were misleading; an electoral landslide is not the same as a popular landslide.  A well executed campaign targeting the right areas could actually dethrone Trump.

So what is the answer?  Us.  The republicans of this country.  For starters, we have to vote.  Every republican vote counts.  If you have children, for the love of God educate them.  In the world we grew up in, many children picked their party based on what party their parents were members of.  That isn't the case today.  Help your children to understand what conservative beliefs are and why they matter.  Show them why our democracy is the miracle it is.

Secondly, we need to mobilise.If every Republican in America brings one person who would not have voted to the election table, #Trump2020Landslide will become a reality.  Talk to your family.  Your friends.  Your co-workers.  There are literally millions of undecided Americans out there.  And millions more who simply don't care or or are oblivious to politics.  Having our eyes open isn't enough.  We have to help to open the eyes of those around us.

The final step is here in the cyber world.  The conservative footprint here is growing, but not enough.  The liberal media is not as dominant as it once was, but it is still a force to be reckoned with.  And it still has a huge influence on America as a whole.  We need to increase that footprint.  We need to be vocal in our belief.  We need to come together, become one voice for truth.  That's why I'm doing this.  If we all sit back and wait for someone else to do it, nothing will get done.  I may fail.  But I believe in my message; the message of a conservative America.  As of this moment, what I wrote yesterday has 1,200+ views.  I Tweeted my first piece on the Twitter page   It has hundreds of impressions, although I don't yet know exactly what that means as of yet.  So people are seeing this.

I will ask again; If you're reading this, please help me to get this message out.  It isn't enough to just read things online.  Like this and the page.  Re-tweet it.  Leave comments below.  What you think matters, and people do read comments.  Share it on Facebook and whatever other Social Media sites you frequent.  It only takes a moment.  And if you don't... find a way to spread a message of your own.  Be heard.

So, until the next time, if there is a next time... heads up.  Eyes open.  Be firm in your beliefs and believe only in truth!

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  1. Check out the Federal Election Integrity Project. It's something that has never been done before... a full audit of the entire electoral system. All the state's databases have been coallated and checked for dead people, illegals, and people crossing state lines and voting. It's been done for almost a year now, and a few things have leaked. 80,000 illegals voted in TX. Thousands of dead people in OH. It turns out Trump actually won NH - Hillary only won by 1,400 votes and 4,000 sneaked over from MA and voted illegally. And, here's a good one: Los Angeles currently has 110% voter registration.

    That's why you're starting to see lawsuits to purge the voter rolls. That's why you're starting to see a sudden focus on Voter ID. And there's a lot more on the way; I think we're down to timing at this point.

    So, I refute your assertion that Hillary won the popular vote. I think enough illegals voted in CA alone to destroy that myth. And if the Democrats can't cheat next time... well, I think it will be impossible for them to ever win again. Without the dead and the illegals, there simply aren't enough stupid people to fill the gap.


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